Meet ‘Million Dollar Websites’  Author: Rebecca Murtagh

E-Business & Marketing Keynote Speaker, Futurist & Thought-Leader

Today’s ever-changing digital landscape makes it impossible to “learn as you go” when it comes to the most frequently visited asset of the brand – the website.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could solve the great mystery and peak behind the curtain of successful websites to glean the wisdom you need to navigate the website process with confidence and authority, save time, money and achieve desired results?

Rebecca Murtagh brings how to build a Million Dollar Website on any budget!
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I’m Rebecca Murtagh, author of Million Dollar Websites.

Today’s Digital Landscape Demands Speed – There is No Time to Experiment – Deploy Proven Methods and Best Practices

In addition to speaking and training, I have working with clients of all sizes in numerous industries, from Fortune 500 Company, Consumer Brand, Silicon Valley Start-up, Enterprise, medium sized corporations, small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs, and just about everything in between.

I invested a full year to write Million Dollar Websites sharing insights and experiences collected in my experience in marketing and E-Business to empower you with insights, methods, tools and resources used by the web elite to create the most successful websites on the internet based on my professional experience in the industry as an employee, founder and Chief Strategist of award-winning marketing firm Karner Blue Marketing, a consultant, blogger, speaker and trainer.

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Sharing many years of experience, testing and success…

I have had the good fortune to have worked on every imaginable type of website with the enviable $1 million dollar website, the $1,000 website and everything in-between, since 1997.

Websites I have worked on have disrupted their perspective industries, won prestigious awards, achieved top rank in search engines and, most importantly, delivered measurable results.

Unfortunately, far too many websites never achieve such success. Brands of all sizes invest in the website and release the project to what has become an obsolete process. Once live, businesses of all sizes are disappointed by performance and feel compelled to invest more to compensate in what the website should have delivered on its own.

I will empower you with insight you need to make informed decisions that make all the difference between a website likely to fail, and one built to succeed.

You will never look at any website the same way again.This book will change the way you look at ANY website!

In the book, Million Dollar Website, you will gain unprecedented insight on best practices and proven methods that I, and others I call the “web elite”, have used over many years to help consumer brands, e-commerce, B2B and entrepreneurs define, design, build and optimize their website to compete and win customers in the digital landscape.

Million Dollar Websites will help you avoid costly mistakes made by organizations of all sizes, time and time again.

I’ve been on both sides of the conversation, from the agency, new media company and website development side and as a consultant to clients who have hired world-class agencies, independent developers, and even those brave enough to build their own website. The brutal truth is that the same, costly mistakes are made by organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

Create a Winning Website Without Having to Learn Code or Speak Another Language

I’ve been working simultaneously working on multiple websites on any given day since the 199o’s. I have built my career around studying, developing, testing and deploying best practices for websites. Chances are very good that your primary professional role is centered around an expertise that does not include websites.

Regardless of your role, it is likely the performance of the website will impact your success. Many organizations only visit the website every one, two or three years, making it increasingly difficult to stay current on topics vital to competing in a digital landscape that changes literally every second of every day.

Transform Your Website From An Expense to An Asset

Most organizations view the website as a budget line-item, a project with a beginning and an end. In the book, I explain why this thinking is all wrong.

Building a website is not about completing a deliverable or finishing a “project”. It’s about creating a digital environment, capable of competing and winning in the ever-changing digital landscape.

In Million Dollar Websites, I show you that it’s not about what you spend, its about what you do with what you spend.

Million Dollar Websites reveals best practices, proven methods and timeless tips you can apply to achieve better results with every website you build.