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Earl Press

Publishing timely and useful material for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, professionals, and life-long learners.






A Publishing Imprint With a Mission

Earl Press has been created to empower forward-thinking professionals of all levels. From the C-Suite to the student aspiring to start their own venture, or someday occupy the C-Suite, our titles will provide timely insights based on hands-on experience and expertise to provide information that empowers readers to become more informed, profitable and successful.


Today’s business landscape is more competitive than ever. Every local company competes on a global level, and every global company wants to resonate with individuals on a local level. Our titles distill the latest topics with easy-to-understand language and guidance on how to transform concepts to actionable strategies they can put to work immediately toward achieving success.

Associations & Clubs

Our titles deliver valuable, timely insight that professionals of all levels will value. Thought-leadership accompanied by proven methodology empower professionals to become familiar with emerging concepts enough to become thought-leaders in their own organizations.
Titles may be ordered in quantity as books or ebooks. Authors are also available to present at membership meetings, conferences and other events.
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For Students and Educators

Our titles provide useful insight into real-life application of concepts covered in texts, accompanied by thought-leadership and proven methodologies that can be adapted to help translate concepts to application. Affordable and timeless, our titles will likely remain on the bookshelf of students as a reference long after the course has ended. Most titles will begin as softcover, then ebook. Hardcover books will be published for educational use on a title, by title basis.

Corporate Training

Our titles are available in quantities as books or ebooks for corporate training. Our authors are experts in their fields, and therefore exceptionally qualified to deliver training to audiences on the topics they write about.
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Earl Press is a publishing imprint of Karner Blue Marketing LLC