The Million Dollar Website Mission:

Elevate the performance of the web, one website at a time.
One of the most elusive concepts in today’s digital landscape is satisfaction with the single most important business asset: the website. Why?

The De Facto Approach to Website Creation is Flawed

If so many people building websites, why are so few websites truly exceptional? Most websites are built upon an archaic process that is fatally flawed, as outlined in the book Million Dollar Websites.

The Challenge

Most brands face similar challenges when seeking ROI from the investment made in the website. A problem must first be understood if it is to be overcome.

The Challenge is to encourage the C-Suite, business owners, marketers, developers, designers, SEO’s and webmasters to change the way they view the website and how they manage website planning, design, build-out, optimization and management.

The Solution

The Solution can only be effective once you understand the fundamentals of high-performance websites.

In the book, you will gain a new perspective of how the web industry (really) operates, why most websites fail, and what a business or brand of any size can do to proactively create a winning website on any budget.