What Are the Greatest Challenges When Creating a New Website?

There are literally millions of professionals involved in the creation of websites. Yet, few deliver what the ‘client’ (internal or external) expected when they approved the investment in the website.

It’s not like it’s 1998 and the internet is so new everyone is still figuring it out. So, why are so many mediocre websites going live and why will so many be destined to disappoint or fail?

Knowledge is Power

Those who are most interested in success of the website are busy doing what they do best. So, when it comes to building a new website or redesigning an existing website, these professionals have to put on a new hat and hope they make the choices that will result in a successful website. Because the internet and website technology changes so fast, those entering the website cycle every year, or two, or three, are at an enormous disadvantage.

“Unless you live and breath in the space and are continually implementing, testing and deploying website methodologies, trying to filter through enough of the past and most recent developments in website design, usability, development, optimization and conversion is liking trying to take a drink from a fire hose.” – Rebecca Murtagh

As a result, most organizations defer to the vendors they hire to lead the way. After countless hours of preparing the RFP, reading proposals, meeting with design, programming, usability, SEO, copy writing and other resources, the website that goes live doesn’t even come close to delivering the results the organization expected when they made the commitment to invest in a new website.

Fact is, there are many individuals and firms taking money for website services that have absolutely no business doing so. Unfortunately, most organizations purchase or plan a website once every couple or few years.

Reality Check

Months later, reality sets in. When the website has gone live and fails to deliver, the discussion turns to rebuilding the website, hiring a specialist to improve the website, or settling for what exists until there are resources to start over from scratch…while remaining at risk of achieving the very same outcome.

99% of Website Failures are 100% Preventable

If any of this sounds remotely familiar to you, you are not alone.

The problem is global.
The solution is powerful.

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