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99% of the reasons most websites fail to fulfill their potential are 100% preventable.

Master the Website

Perhaps the important takeaway from your visit to the Million Dollar Website, is that there IS an effective way to save time, money and achieve desired results from a new website. Million Dollar Websites provides a step-by-step outline on how to avoid common mistakes, and leverage proven methods and best practices in website planning, design, development, usability, optimization and management of websites from the $1 million dollar budget to a $100 budget.

Knowledge is Power

The book, complimented by wisdom shared in the Million Dollar Website community you will never have to put your digital fate in the hands of another without being able to expect full benefit from the time and money you will invest into it. is your destination for timeless best practices proven over the deployment of countless websites in every imaginable industry.

Beyond the book “Million Dollar Website: Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite in E-Business, Design, SEO, Usability, Social, Mobile and Conversion”, Million Dollar Websites is a movement, supported by video, webinars, interviews, calls and seminars will be available to those wishing to rise above the ‘status quo’ and master of the website process.

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The website is a living, breathing organ, as vital to your life of your business as your best salesperson, marketer, publicist, customer service representative, IT specialist or accountant. We show you how becoming the master of the website process improves the website creation process and improves the outlook for high performance and ROI.