With a 25 year career that began in traditional marketing and transitioned into the e-business space in the 1990’s, Rebecca Murtagh has become recognized as an innovator and thought leader.

Throughout the past 15 years, Rebecca has been enlisted to work her magic on websites with budgets of $1 million dollars, $100 dollars and everything in between. Having worked with a fortune 500 company, Silicon Valley start-up, and every imaginable type of business in between, Rebecca has observed one common challenge.

How to create a winning website, regardless of budget.

“It doesn’t seem to matter how large the brand, budget or resources, a winning website eludes most organizations. Not because they aren’t spending enough money, but rather because the website process deferred to by nearly an entire generation is fundamentally flawed. It is high time those responsible for the website be led out of the dark and empowered with the information needed to make informed decisions that will dramatically impact the performance and ROI of the website”
-Rebecca Murtagh, Author of the book; Million Dollar Website.

This website is based on Rebecca’s 15 years of experience in the digital space working on every type of website imaginable. From large e-commerce websites with real-time inventory integration, to consumer brand, manufacturing, social media platform, community, to websites for small retailers, local service providers and even bloggers, Rebecca has witnessed organizations struggle with very similar challenges.

Million Dollar Website was written to dispel myths, provide best practices and guide those responsible for the performance of the website through a timeless process that empowers them to make decisions from a perspective of knowledge and ownership to lead the creation of a winning website on any budget.