Rebecca Murtagh Shares Website Tips in Interview.

Daniel Bortz interviewed Million Dollar Websites author Rebecca to share tips for entrepreneurs on how to properly use the ‘About Us’ page of a website.

Entrepreneur Magazine features Million Dollar Website tips from Rebecca Murtagh

The final piece ‘Putting a Face to Your Startup’s Website‘ featured a few of Rebecca’s tips, including:

  • Adding photos humanizes your website – feature leadership, team or staff photos according to how vital they are to the vision and operations of the business.
  • Do not include email addresses or ‘mailto’ links – they invite spam. Instead, use a contact form, which enables you to direct inquiries to the appropriate party (media, customer service, sales, etc.), and facilitates measurement of conversion and activity on the website.
  • Do include links to social media profiles. One important tip offered that didn’t make the article is that links to social media icons are only valuable when those individuals are actively engaged on social media.
  • Use the ‘About Us’ page as a conduit to entice engagement on other pages and posts on the website. If the visitor is a potential customer, invite them to view a competitive comparison, demo or request a quote. If media or press are viewing the about us page, direct them to media contacts or supplemental information that will help them with any stories they may be writing about the business 24/7.

As perhaps the most important tip Rebecca provided about the ‘About Us’ page is that it  “should be a launching point — not a final destination.”

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