Custom, In-House Website Planning and Optimization Training

Improve your team’s mastery of the website to achieve even better results for your organization.

Hire Million Dollar Websites author Rebecca Murtagh, an eBusiness, marketing and SEO authority to create a custom workshop or on-site training for your in-house teams or association members.

Rebecca Murtagh custom corporate workshops and training

Whether you seek website optimization training for your business teams, or members of your association; your training will be customized to include topics like:

  • Identifying the Website as a Business Asset, Vital to the Brand and Organization.
  • How to Design a Website That Will Deliver Results.
  • Creating a Website That Delivers More Value Than it Costs to Create and Manage.
  • Integrating Conversion in Way Customers Want to Act.
  • Overcome the Most Common, Costly Mistakes When Building or Re-Designing a Website.
  • Integrate Vital Business Functions to Better Serve Customers and Amplify ROI.
  • How to Facilitate Success of the Website Across Marketing, Design, Programming, IT, Customer Support, Sales and Management Teams.
  • How to Search Engine Optimize Without Increasing Risk of Being Blacklisted by Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Connecting the Dots Between Social Media and Search to Maximize Visibility Everywhere Customers Search.
  • How to Write Better RFP’s to Receive Higher-Quality Website Proposals and True Apples-to-Apples Comparison.
  • Effective Planning and Publishing Website Content That Won’t Impede Team Productivity.
  • How to Set-Up and Interpret Analytics to Continually Improve the Website Experience and ROI.

Plus, depending on your organization’s unique needs, your website planning and optimization training could also include topics like:

  • How to Your Optimize E-Commerce Store for Greater Visibility.
  • Step-by-Step SEO Instructions on How to Optimize Product for Search Engine Visibility.
  • How to Make Product Appear in Other Marketplaces Where Customers Shop and Buy.
  • The Best Way to Integrate Media for Maximum Performance and Response.

Plus, Rebecca will happily address any specific concerns you have about how to leverage the website to support your business goals.

Make Your Digital Assets Work Better Together.

Achieve Better Website Search Engine Visibility, and Improve Conversion of Visitors to Customers!

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