Freebase, SEO and Google Knowledge Graph

Bill Hartzer is guest expert in Million Dollar Websites Community Google Plus Hangout

(Video of Google+ Hangout)

On Monday, September 21, 2013 Rebecca Murtagh invited Bill Hartzer to discuss Freebase as part of the SEO strategy in a Million Dollar Websites Community hangout. The event was attended by experienced professionals, each of which were responsible for SEO for their organization or that of their clients.

The information that Bill provided was eye-opening.Bill shared insights from his experience in using Freebase to enhance the digital imprint of website content, and support search engine optimization efforts.

In 2010 Google acquired Freebase, a full year before Google Plus was made available to the public and nearly two years before Amit Singhl announced the shift from word-based index to Google Knowledge Graph in 2012.

The hangout covered a variety of topics, including Wikipedia inclusion, where Freebase “content” and “profiles” appear, and where they don’t, tips for SEO’s and brands, and, breaking news of the day that Google would encrypt all search engine queries, what the dominance of ‘not provided’ organic keyword search data would mean to SEO’s and businesses who look to Google Analytics for insight on website performance.

This Google+ Hangout is over 1 hour long, thanks to the generosity of our guest expert, Bill Hartzer, and the intense interest in the topic by those in attendance.

View the entire video here: