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Today’s ever-changing digital landscape makes it impossible, or at very least highly inconvenient to “learn as you go” when it comes to developing the most frequently visited asset of the brand – the website.Rebecca Murtagh author

Would you like to get past the mystery, peak behind the curtain of successful websites, and glean the wisdom you need to navigate the website process with confidence and authority; save time, money, achieve results AND look like a rock star?

If yes, Rebecca Murtagh wrote Million Dollar Websites for you!

About Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca Murtagh has worked in the digital space since the 1990’s, creating websites and online marketing campaigns before Google and Facebook even existed. She has analyzed thousands of websites (that is a conservative number), has been an expert judge of websites for the Web Marketing Association’s international Web Awards for over 15 years, Mobile Awards, Internet Advertising Awards, the US Interactive Marketing Awards, and DFSW. She is Founder and CEO of the award-winning digital consultancy Karner Blue Marketing. Rebecca is a trusted authority on eBusiness, digital transformation and marketing who has earned the trust and respect of her peers, who include some of the top minds in the digital space. Her clients, readers, and colleagues appreciate her authenticity, candor and warm personality.

Data and performance driven, Rebecca relies on data to evaluate performance of digital assets, and has been recognized by Google Analytics in an elite list of #WomeninAnalytics .

Rebecca Murtagh on Google Analytics #WomeininAnalytics list


Over the years, Rebecca has developed a “sixth sense” about digital environments. She can quickly assess the health of a website, and has a talent for helping brands create new business opportunities and use their website and digital assets to increase revenue and become more profitable. She has worked with international brands, technology companies, Fortune 500, entrepreneurs, business owners, design firms, advertising agencies, startups and businesses from Silicon Valley and Main Street. Her experience spans retail, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, technology, science, hospitality, manufacturing, B2B, SaaS, travel, events, health and wellness, infomercial, international brands, not for profits, and just about everything in between.

Empowering Others is Her Passion

Rebecca is passionate about helping others accelerate their learning so they can achieve results faster. She has been delivering keynotes, webinars, conference seminars, full-day and half-day workshops. and corporate training, on a wide variety of digital topics from corporate digital strategy to SEO, data, analytics, content marketing, social media and the psychology of influence since 1998. Rebecca has written guests posts for a variety of publications, been interviewed for Entrepreneur.com and Money Magazine; and wrote a column for Search Engine Watch.
It’s pretty safe to say Rebecca knows her stuff.

E-Business, ECommerce & Digital Marketing Pioneer, Marketing Keynote Speaker, Futurist & World-Renowned Thought-Leader

Rebecca knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to turn the dreaded “invisible” website, or digital brochure into a valuable business asset.

Sounds like perspective any business would want, doesn’t it?

Today’s Digital Landscape Demands Speed – There is No Time to Experiment – Deploy Proven Methods and Best Practices

Rebecca Murtagh understands that speed is a competitive advantage. Yet, the digital landscape can be very challenging, especially for organizations or professionals new to the role of being the master of the website (not to be confused with the webmaster).

Are You the Master of Your Website?Click to learn more about the book

If you are responsible for a brand or business, you are responsible for all business assets. The website is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. The digital landscape is saturated, and changes literally every second, of every day. More than every before, the digital presence of a business can significantly impact the success of an organization.

Whether the website will be a “money tree” or a “money pit” (business asset or liability) depends on how well it is built and managed. It all begins with you.

Million Dollar Websites is a non-technical guide to building a high-performance website. No code or design skills required.

“The learning curve is higher than most understand until they are deeply involved in the planning, budgeting and building a website, that is why I wrote Million Dollar Websites,” explains Rebecca Murtagh. “The same rules apply whether you an experienced master of the website; or an executive, website designer, programmer, scripter, SEO, or business owner who only has to deal with creation or redesign of a website every year or every 2 years. In Million Dollar Websites I share industry secrets used by the “web elite” to build successful websites so that every business has the information they need to build a website that can deliver results.”

“Million Dollar Websites is the only book I know that’s dedicated to biz owners, the c-suite & zero BS.”

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Rebecca recognized patterns from many years of working with organizations of all sizes through her award-winning firm. They would often seek help with SEO, conversion, Internet Marketing, Digital Strategy, or Social Media, Yet, many of them were operating from many of the same misinformation, making similar mistakes, and missing opportunities to leverage the digital landscape to build their business and brand. In 2012 Rebecca decided it was high-time to be proactive and write a book that would provide organizations with the insight they needed to make better decisions and reap greater rewards from their investment in the website and related marketing investments.

Benefit from Years of Experience, Testing and Success

Rebecca Murtagh has analyzed many thousands of websites since she worked on her first website in 1997. She shares what she has learned from hands-on experience developing and optimizing websites with a budget of $1 million dollars or large eCommerce platforms of consumer brands to $2,500 website of startups and DIY-ers, and everything in-between.

Websites Rebecca has worked on have disrupted industries, won prestigious awards, achieved top rank in search engines, and, (most importantly), delivered measurable results to the brand who depended on the website.

Unfortunately, far too many websites never achieve success. Brands of all sizes invest significant resources to build or redesign the website, only to be disappointed by the performance of the website once it goes live. Many redesigns deliver weaker results than the previous website. So, businesses lose customers to competitors, lose business, and in some cases, race going out of business.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Valuable Insight Based on Fundamentals

Rebecca empowers you with insight needed to make informed decisions that can make all the difference between a website failing or succeeding.

You will never look at any website the same way again.

In the book, Million Dollar Websites, you will gain unprecedented insight on best practices and proven methods that Rebecca, and industry experts that she calls the “web elite”, have used over many years to build successful websites that deliver results. From appearing in search engines, to earning the click, connecting with audiences, and converting website visitors to customers.

Million Dollar Websites will help you avoid costly mistakes made by organizations of all sizes, time and time again.

Having been on both sides of the process, Rebecca has worked on the agency, new media company and website development side and as a consultant owner of a company that built and programmed websites. She has  worked with brands who have hired world-class agencies, independent developers, design firms, and even those brave enough to build their own website. Many of the same costly mistakes are made by organizations of all sizes, in all industries. Rebecca provides a process to help any organization take ownership of the website and achieve better results, regardless of whether the website is built in-house or outsourced.

A Book for Website Clients, Vendors & Internal Teams

This book is also an excellent resource that outlines necessary steps to building a quality website. Makes a great starting point for both website, design firms, developers and agencies and clients to promote a better communication to improve the website process.

You Don’t Have to Learn Code or Speak Another Language

Rebecca has worked simultaneously on multiple websites over the past 20 years. She is continually analyzing, developing, testing and deploying best practices to help those who have other responsibilities become more knowledgeable so they become the Master of the Website and lead the strategy and process without having to become the webmaster that manually designs and develops the website.

Regardless of your role, it is likely the performance of the website will impact your success. Many organizations only visit the website every one, two or three years, making it increasingly difficult to stay current on topics vital to competing in a digital landscape that changes literally every second of every day.

Transform Your Website From An Expense to An Asset

Most organizations view the website as a budget line-item, a project with a beginning and an end. In the book, Rebecca explains the inherent danger in this approach and how to evolve past it and create a digital environment, capable of competing and winning in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Million Dollar Websites shows that it’s not how big your website budget is, but what you do with that budget that matters most.

Million Dollar Websites reveals best practices, proven methods and timeless tips you can apply to achieve better results with every website you build.

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