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Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy

  • We respect your privacy.  Simply put: We will not sell or rent your information.

How We Collect and Use Data

  • We use the data we collect on our tools, as well as tools we license to continually improve the user experience.
  • We verify email submissions by sending a verification email before adding an email address to our lists, applications and internal systems to facilitate response to your request.
  • Generic, non-personally identifiable “log data” collected from website visitors to our website (such as IP address, geographic information, device, browser type, system, etc.) help us analyze our website, marketing and communication, in an effort to continually improve how we serve our audiences.
  • When you do submit personally identifiable data such as submitting a comment, “liking” or sharing content on social media platforms, creates public data that can be collected and/or stored by third-parties.
  • Although we do not accept credit cards for services, any credit card information collected for training and/or events will be collected and processed by the merchant/processor. Transaction-related information is maintained and deleted according to the policies, laws and regulations governing merchants and payment applications.
  • Personal data (such as email addresses, name, phone number, etc.) submitted to our online forms will remain on our systems until they are outdated and/or purged. You have the right to be removed your personal at any time. Simply unsubscribe via email.
  • Personal and/or business data collected from our customers, readers, contributors, partners, etc. will be maintained on our system with normal security protocols in place. Keep in mind, no security method is 100% secure.

Cookie Policy

  • While visiting our website and digital content, Cookies may be stored on your device to provide the information outlined above. Cookies can be cleared from your device via settings on your browser.
  • You have the right to request access to, and rectification or erasure of, any personal data we may have collected.
  • Access to your personal data and confirmation of data collection.
  • Correct or update your personal data collected by us if it has changed, or incomplete, or inaccurate.
  • You can ask us to store your data, but not process it or utilize it.
  • Exercise your “Right to be forgotten” by requesting that your personal data be deleted from our systems, in which case we will cease to use it.
  • You may receive a record of personal data we have collected from you within 30 days of your written request being received by us. View our Contact Info.

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