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3 Ways Your Website Can Promote Success Before and After Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding? 3 Ways Your Website Can Promote Success Before and After the Campaign Crowdfunding has become a viable source of startup funding for entrepreneurs. Over $2.2 Billion dollars has been pledged to the 100,000+ crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter  since the platform opened for business April 28, 2009. Crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo, GoFundMe, RocketHub and a […]

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Social Media vs. The Website

Should Brands Cultivate Customer Relationships on Social Media or The Website? Social Media Budgets On The Rise Forty-six percent of B2B and B2C businesses leaders plan to increase social media budgets in 2014, according to a report by Strong View. In light of the growth in social, the investment may seem well-placed. However, marketers are […]

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How to Find Discounted Kindle Versions of Books You’ve Purchased on Amazon via Matchbook Program

Million Dollar Website Kindle Version Only $1.99 in Amazon Matchbook Program Get Million Dollar Websites Kindle version for only $1.99 when purchase (or have already purchased) the book through . What is the Kindle Matchbook Program? Kindle Matchbook enables book publishers to offer a discounted Kindle version of their book to people who have […]

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15 Questions Congress Should Ask Obamacare Website Contractors

What Congress Should Ask to Find Out Why Failed After $600 Million Invested in 3 Years In the wake of the Epic Fail of the government health care website, the House Energy & Commerce Committee of United States Congress will conduct a hearing on Capitol Hill today with the website contractor on deck […]

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