Google+ Hangout: Why Freebase Should Be Part of Your Website SEO Strategy

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Is Freebase part of your SEO strategy?

Editorial Note: Freebase is no longer available to brands, although as late as February 2018, Bill has shared that his earlier work still reaps benefits.

Freebase is a community-curated database of well-known people, places and things.
Sounds a great deal like Google Knowledge Graph, doesn’t it?
A listing on can improve Google performance, according to Bill Hartzer.

Join Rebecca Murtagh in welcoming recognized SEO, internet marketing and blogging expert Bill Hartzer, for a Google+ Hangout dedicated to Freebase and SEO.
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Bill and Rebecca have had some really great conversations about search, marketing and creative ways to promote businesses and brands to their target audiences. We highly encourage you join us for this Google+ Hangout. You can just listen or participate…either way you are sure to gain valuable insight on Freebase and SEO in this Google+ Hangout.

Bill Hartzer has over 17 years of professional experience. From being a writer for television, a technical writer for several computer software companies over the years, to becoming a “serial blogger” Bill writes for his own blogs and for corporate websites. Bill is a creative thinker with a technical perspective that is dedicated to helping others create effective websites and marketing campaigns.

“I spend a lot of time searching on the internet as well as optimizing websites. I realize that this industry is constantly changing because what’s acceptable optimization yesterday is not acceptable today.” – Bill Hartzer

About Bill Hartzer:

@bhartzer on Twitter

Bill is an extremely active practitioner, when not presenting at industry conferences about websites, search and social media.

Founder of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association
Director of Search Engine Optimization at Standing Dog.
Owner of , Corporate Web Site Marketing
Frequent Speaker, Search Engine Strategies Conferences
Frequent Speaker, PubCon Search Engine and Internet Marketing Conference


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