How to Find Discounted Kindle Versions of Books You’ve Purchased on Amazon via Matchbook Program

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Million Dollar Website Kindle Version Only $1.99 in Amazon Matchbook Program

Get Million Dollar Websites Kindle version for only $1.99 when purchase (or have already purchased) the book through .

What is the Kindle Matchbook Program?

Kindle Matchbook enables book publishers to offer a discounted Kindle version of their book to people who have purchased the paperback or hardcover version.  There are currently over 70,000 titles enrolled in the program. However, it does require the publisher to opt in, so if they have not added a book you have already bought on, you are out of luck. However, for the books that are enrolled, you can get the Kindle ebook version of books you may have read, shared or worn out in a digital version that will last for as long as you will need it.

How to Find Matchbook Discount Kindle Versions for Books You Have Purchased on

How do you find the Matchbook discounted Kindle version of a book you’ve previously purchased? It’s actually quite easy.

Step 1. Go to .

Step 2. Log into your account.

Step 3.  Go to the Kindle Matchbook Page. This not as easy to find, so try this link.
(it’s ok to click, this is not an affiliate link ; )

It will look like this:

click to purchase Million Dollar Websites on

Step 4. Click on the Button that says “Find Your Kindle Matchbook titles”.
Amazon will go through your purchase history and match it to the books that have opted into the Kindle Matchbook program.

The results will look a little like this (example using my book Million Dollar Websites which is enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program).

Get the Million Dollar Websites in Kindle for $1.99

From this page, you can purchase the Discount Kindle version of the book you’ve already purchased, add to your wish list, or send a Kindle version as a gift to someone else.

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